About me

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I tried to fit into the world with its ways and laws. It did not make me happy. Then I attempted to escape world’s limitations through spiritual practices and a quest for enlightenment. I had many mystical and exalted experiences. But the relief was only temporary.

However, something wonderful occured when I saw that both adjusting to the world and my attempts to escape the world did not work. I was left with my own mind and I understood that THERE WAS NO WORLD outside me. I was never a victim of circumstances. And everything that I have ever experienced was only reflecting the quality of my thoughts and was a direct result of my choice. And that is how the conflict ended along with the sense of split between the small „self” that is discontent and seeking happiness in another time or place, and the enlightened „Self” that is the target of its pursuits. Everything was already HERE and NOW. The small „self” and the big „Self” were in one place.

There was no need to seek enligtenment. The light was already there. And I was IT. I was that Love that I was seeking for. I was at One with the Source of all Existence; the Source that could never be found outside. The only question remained: will I allow this Source, this Love, this Light to flow and manifest through me fully. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

I said: YES.

And that is how the New Great Adventure began for me. It was no longer about losing myself in the form nor about trying to escape the form, but about bringing SPIRIT to what we call the form or matter. The other way to put it would be: bringing Heaven to Earth, or incarnating the Soul fully. In this process we recognize that the unlimited SPIRIT permeates everything that we used to perceive as dense and limited. Even matter is filled with spirit and it no longer limits us, for we are not identifing with it but only use it as a temporary channel for the flow of Spirit. The body – instead of being the means of fear – becomes a perfect means of communicating Love.

I am grateful for my entire journey – both for the moments of losing myself in matter as well as for all the spirituality with all its precious tools and methods. The main tools for me were A Course In Miracles (I had been using it in my individual practice and in teaching others from 1999 till 2017, and The Way of Mastery that appeared in my life at the end od 2017. I am also aware that all those spiritual practices, even those that work best and that I love the most, are merely helpful learning aids that ultimately need to be given up in the act of surrendering to the Truth and internal Spirit’s guidance. And I feel that this is what is happening for me now. My compass is my heart and my main practice is conscious life lived in gratitude.

I am no longer journeying to the Kingdom but rather playing within it. I am no longer even journeying deep into the Heart, but rather expanding, or extending from the Heart to all my creations. I could say that I ceased searching because I have found. I have found myself and I have accepted who I really Am. In humbleness do I accept Reality that is beyond my concepts. I surrender to the Power greater that the small „self”, and yet that abides within me and in each and everyone of us.

And thus my life becomes an extension of Reality, playfulness and creation. And that is also my invitation to you. I am inviting you to play in the Kingdom of our beautiful, innocent souls an creative minds. And I accept your invitation in advance. We are equal because we have been created by the same Love. Thank you for WHO YOU ARE.